COMM11007 Media Writing. Week Six: Supporting the Story

7 thoughts on “COMM11007 Media Writing. Week Six: Supporting the Story”

  1. Hi Tarah

    I think you made a very good job with your blog, I do have a few suggestions,
    please check the referencing guide page 7, page 48, and page 6 as these might help you with how to reference a study guide, a website and a book.
    Also in
    ‘Whitaker, W, Ramsey, J, & Smith R, 2012 Media Writing, Print, Broadcast, and Public Relations. Routledge New York’
    You have missed out that it is the fourth edition.
    You need to include more in text referencing to support what you are saying.

    Also you have
    “Whitaker, Ramsey, and Smith ”
    as an author prominent in text reference, this has a few errors as you are missing the year in brackets as well as the verbs that go with author prominent in text referencing, if you check page 15 of the harvard referencing guide they include a table with verbs you can use when using author prominent.

    Good Job tarah

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    1. Hi Zoe
      Thank you so much, this was really helpful.
      I’ve referenced using the specifications for a media release on page 45 of the guide, although after reading it again it does state that it is for a government media release, So I’ll have to check with Lisa on which way to reference. I’ve fixed the rest of my mistakes and am now worried about the rest of my 10 posts! Thanks again, you some great tips.
      🙂 Tarah

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      1. Hi Tarah

        No worries I am glad I could help, I have to go back and edit a lot of my stuff but with the references once you get one source right if you re use it you can just copy and paste it where ever you need.


  2. Hi Tarah,
    I agree with Zoe, regarding your referencing but it looks as though you have already corrected them. Always a pleasure reading your posts. Well done. 🙂


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