COMM11007 Media Writing. Week Nine: Content Generation vs Content Collaboration

4 thoughts on “COMM11007 Media Writing. Week Nine: Content Generation vs Content Collaboration”

  1. Hey Tarah! Love the use of the many images throughout your blog. However, I think that the ‘Inquiry’ section could be put into larger paragraphs instead, of tiny little ones. Also, loving the use of all of the describing words throughout your blog! Another good job! 🙂


  2. Hey Tarah! I love the way you have structured your blog. As Kate said, in media writing it is best to write in short succinct paragraphs. I think you have really nailed this all the way through your blogs. Awesome Job 🙂


  3. Hi! I actually like how your entire blog is set out; it’s clear and professionally structured. I was going to agree with the other comments on this post about the paragraphs but after coming back to your blog, I see you have corrected them. Good job!!


  4. Hi Tarah,
    I agree with the essential differences you pointed out in your inquiry this week. Your descriptions are very informative which helps to give the reader a visual representation of each website without having to actually visit the site. The structure is well set out by including all the necessary information in each paragraph that makes it self explanatory and keeping each paragraph clear and concise. However, it may be useful to link the websites somewhere in your post or in your reference list. Apart from this, another wonderful post. 🙂


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